The hottest cat bands reimagine the hottest cat food jingle...
A new trend has emerged: cat bands. Real cats, with real musical talent, just waiting to be discovered. What if Meow Mix could kill two birds with one cat: revive their classic jingle and give these cat bands the exposure they deserve? They’d get Meow ReMix—an integrated campaign that introduces feline musicians and their renditions of the fabled cat food jingle. We built a world where cat musicians may just exist and where all cats sing for Meow Mix in several genres.
Bringing the music to the people.
And their cats.
We hacked Instagram to turn our Stories into a simulated music player, where users could toggle back and forth across the Meow ReMix tracks within the Story.
We took over the brand website and transformed it into a mock music magazine dedicated to the cat entertainment “industry.”
Executive Creative Director: Jason Gorman
Creative Director, Art: Shaun Bruce
Creative Director, Copy: Tim Wassler
Director: Joseph Kahn
Music: Human
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