“Opportunity Knocks”
For Super Bowl LV, we took one of the most ridiculous events in political history and used it to inspire small businesses to capitalize on their opportunities using the power of Fiverr’s freelance community.
The ad features the actual owner of Four Seasons Landscaping, Maria Siravo, in all her Philly-accented glory. In the end, the campaign was responsible for significantly boosting Fiverr's awareness: 56% among small business and 214% for medium businesses. It also earned significant press and accolades, including a One Show Pencil, and was prominently featured in NBC’s “Four Seasons Total Documentary.”  

Director Nick Ball went over the top with what it means to be a successful landscaping company in today's innovation economy...
During the Super Bowl broadcast, Fiverr payed homage to the original Four Seasons mixup, tagging small businesses that shared their name with big-name Super Bowl advertisers.
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