Fiverr: Super Bowl LV 
Fiverr is a freelance platform where small businesses link up with freelancers for projects such as logo design or building a website. While they were known for their namesake $5 pricepoint, the reality is Fiverr has moved on to real professional services at fair prices. For their first ever Super Bowl spot, they wanted to introduce themselves to the world by showcasing a thriving small business. In the end, one small biz rose to the top...Four Seasons Total Landscaping.
In the span of one ill-fated press conference, Four Seasons had memed themselves into the stratosphere. Within weeks of their brush with fame they had sold over one million dollars in t-shirts and other merch. In other words, they were a perfect Fiverr customer.
While the spot may look big-budget, in reality Fiverr didn't want to spend much more than the millions of dollars they already threw down on Super Bowl media. Which meant no celebrity spokesperson. No  intellectual property nostalgia. Just the real owner of a Philly landscaping company, Marie Siravo, driving a futuristic lawnmower through her Willy Wonka-esque headquarters. 
Was it wise to jump on the coattails of a one-time political mixup and throw it on the world's biggest commercial stage? Was it wise to hire a person who has never acted in her life to drive a small vehicle and deliver a pitch to an audience of 100 million? Did anyone notice that the spot is set to an electronic rendition of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons?" Who could say? 

But, I can tell you one thing for certain: Twitter fucking loved it. 
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